You have the innate capacity to heal yourself


As an Integrative Nurse Coach and a Nurse Educator working with individuals and groups.  I am passionate about:

  • Inspiring nurses to be leaders in health care reform, putting “care” back in health care!
  • Providing individual sessions and group retreats for nurses and caregivers that will infuse vital energy into their practices and reignite their passion for caring and improve health!
  • Helping nurses and caregivers regain balance and emotional intelligence through self care, so they can care for others with greater confidence and joy!
  • Supporting the current system changes toward a wellness care model of healthcare!
  • Facilitating optimal wellness environments, internally and externally!
  • Deepening connections with other professional and lay persons who care about the connections we have with Self, each other and the Earth.


Night Blooming Cereus

All the years, all the hours
All the tears and all the flowers
Bear witness, it is a privilege
Do nothing, just listen.

Nurses bear witness daily, and who is our witness?

Seeking support and tools for my practice
I gained these and much more:
Confidence, constancy, singularity of purpose…

No longer pushing, I allow,
Now longer wanting, I am.

Accept the vulnerability: the result is a greater opportunity for more life, more love.
Develop greater, insight, intuition and be inspired and stay openhearted in the midst of conflict.

Bloom where you are planted!


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