You have the innate capacity to heal yourself


My name is Judy Fasone, and I am an Integrative Nurse Coach.

My goals:

  • To empower nurses to care for themselves as much as they care for others
  • To inspire nurses to be leaders in health care reform, putting “care” back in health care.
  • To provide individual sessions and group retreats for nurses that will infuse vital energy into their practices and reignite their passion for caring
  • To help nurses regain balance and emotional intelligence through self care, so they can practice with greater confidence and joy.

Here are a few questions to consider. Make yourself a cup of tea, dust off your journal, and take a stab at a few of these self reflective questions.  Let me know how it goes!

Self care

Do you affirm your healthiness on a daily basis?

Is it difficult for you to maintain authenticity amidst the chaos of suffering?

Do you stay healthy without medication or surgery, or endless Doctor visits?

Self Development

Are you interested in knowing more about Holistic Nursing but are not sure you want to enroll in a formal program?

Have you often wondered how to weave holistic and alternative practices into your professional setting?

Would you like to add some non-pharmacological interventions to your own self-care and those you care for?

Self Love

Do you look at yourself in the mirror with love?

What does your inner voice sound like: critic or coach?

When is the last time you gave yourself a gift ?


Just for you…

All the years, all the hours
All the tears and all the flowers
Bear witness, it is a privilege
Do nothing, just listen.

Nurses bear witness daily, and who is our witness?

Seeking support and tools for my practice
I gained these and much more:
Confidence, constancy, singularity of purpose…

No longer pushing, I allow,
Now longer wanting, I am.

Accept the vulnerability: the result is a greater opportunity for more life, more love.
Develop greater, insight, intuition and be inspired and stay openhearted in the midst of conflict.

Bloom where you are planted!